Hollywood Outlaws, LLC and Hollywood Outlaw Network, LLC are a film, television, and radio production company and an internet television & radio broadcast network, respectively. Both companies were created by Maija DiGiorgio and Heather McConnell with the goals of using primarily comedy to entertain and inspire others, ignite change and communication, and bring well crafted artistic expression back to the forefront of entertainment.

These two companies have been built from the ground up by DiGiorgio and McConnell and are continuing to grow with the addition of new artists and technical experts.


Film is where Hollywood Outlaws began. Bitter Jester was Maija DiGiorgio’s directing debut and it garnered her several festival awards and rave reviews from Variety, among many other industry publications. After parting with her Bitter Jester producing partner, she formed Hollywood Outlaws with Heather McConnell, who had also been involved on the film. Maija and Heather then created Hollywood Outlaw, the Unmaking of a Bitter Jester (the director’s cut of Bitter Jester which tells the entire true story of the film and its aftermath and has gained its own cult following online). Next, the pair wrote Famika vs. the Tea Party, which is now in the beginning stages of production with Maija starring/directing/producing and Heather starring/art directing/producing.

Hollywood Outlaw Films aims to create and distribute quality independent films. We strive to produce comedy movies that are actually funny and always relevant. Once complete, the studio will consist of an in-house soundstage, editing suite, recording studio, and rehearsal space/dance studio. Hollywood Outlaws’ Dare to be Different mission extends to the writing, directing, and producing of great indie films. Hollywood Outlaws will always strive to bring groundbreaking, socially relevant, and inspiring comedic and dramatic, but mostly comedic, films to a global audience.

The pair has launched two channels, Hollywood Outlaw Comedy Network and Maija on Roku and Google TV, with a third, News Seriously on its way. News Seriously is also one of the first news sources of its kind with comedians delivering the news to you through an online video newspaper and soon TV channel. All three channels will also be coming soon to households nationwide on national and regional cable networks.

Hollywood Outlaw Comedy Radio was actually one of the first endeavors after the finishing of the Hollywood Outlaw Movie. It became the home of L.A.’s top comedians and a stopping place for anyone coming in from NYC. The radio station is now relaunching with podcasts as well and is accessible on internet radio and iTunes.

Hollywood Outlaw will soon be producing the Hollywood Outlaw Comedy Tour and Stand Up and Say Something!- The Tour.