crowd-laughing (1)COMEDY WITH A DIFFERENCE

Community involvement and education is a core value at Hollywood Outlaws. We believe that comedy is one of the best ways to get to the core of so many issues that people have trouble openly discussing. It is a way to spark discussion and open students’ minds to new viewpoints while discovering their own views. Maija and Heather have developed several comedic shows for university students exploring diversity, women’s issues, the arts, and personal development. Maija has performed her self-written one woman show, The Ultimate Guide to Diversity, at universities across the country in an effort to promote and explore racial tensions and diversity. The pair has lectured on women’s issues with America Dehoochified, with very personal Q&A sessions lasting hours after the lecture is over.  Hollywood Outlaw: Diversity and Defying Labels provides a great learning experience for  all students on personal growth and the journeys we must take and for film students on the business of making an indie film.

Beyond the university setting, Hollywood Outlaws has plans to establish community studios in urban areas which will function as a performance and work space for professional artists and a learning and mentoring space for young artists who want to discover their artistic abilities.

america_dehoochied_famika_maija_digiorgio_heather_mcConnellAMERICA DEHOOCHIFIED

maija diversity america6*THE ULTIMATE DIVERSITY GUIDE

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