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Why is it that that half of our country thinks that we are sliding backwards and the other half believes that we have never had so much progress? Is the communication gap growing or shrinking? I believe that it is shrinking because our country has  proven during this 2012 election to be culturally diverse yet united in its willingness to fight for change and a new era of humanity.

While the media looks to the current POTUS as a reason to call us a New America, the ugliness of racism still persists. For the first time, all Americans are becoming increasingly aware of outside forces that have tried to keep us divided, and we are now in an age that we can become informed in spite of the information we are consistently spoon fed.

Our country is changing now with President Barack Obama winning his second term, bringing out the most positive and, also the most negative of our ideals. Citizens from all 50 states have signed petitions for secession. We have been bombarded with rhetoric as to why, but the bottom line is racism that many of us from all cultures fought hard to put behind us.

We are hearing people yell they “want their country back” when so many of us, now America’s new majority, want to embrace diversity. What is this country to do? The New York Times suggests that maybe if we openly discuss racism, we as a country might truly be able to move past it. Others say racism is old history and now irrelevant. We each search for a valid way to ease the pains of the past, but we cannot ignore the questions of how to cordially handle the present. As an American with one white parent and one black parent, comedienne, Maija DiGiorgio looks at the issues of racial diversity as simple and personal as having family dinner with out the arguments. She shares her story of growing up biracial: raised by her fascist, post WWII immigrant Sicilian grandparents who struggled to conceal her own motherʼs racial identity, and they did …until her African American relatives crashed a family funeral. At that point, Maija finally understood why she never really fit in at her Greenwich, CT boarding school. Eventually,Maija went out into the world led by a wanna-be black girl, Famika, only to find herself amongst her hip-hop crazed peers that measured her “true blackness” by her lack of “street cred”, even though the African Americans in her family were Republicans with Phdʼs. Paradoxically, after losing job after mainstream job for being true to herself by not fully identifying as white, she defied them all by ending up as co-host on the flagship of hip-hop radio, “HOT 97”, and on Def Comedy Jam. Her job description? To stay true to “hip-hop” by perpetuating the negative images of Black America that were, literally and ironically, being paid for by a check from corporate mainstream America. “At some point I realized that I had to choose whether or not to be a part of something that I was totally against.”

As a multiracial american and a comedian she has spent more than a decade of watching, from behind the microphone, a racially divided room unite in laughter while she shares stories about personal experiences, American History, and human relationships. In the Ultimate Diversity Guide, Maija comically romps thru American History to find the answers to identity in America and how to create a new vision of the American Dream….including how to love your BLATANTLY racist Grandparents and remain “passing” (black passing for white) to family relatives. She dissects ghetto fabulous America, the hoochification of women thru hip-hop, interracial relationships, and the importance of the African American civil rights movement as it has paved the way for equal rights for ALL: women, gays, latinos, asians, etc. For decades we have adopted the practice of political correctness to deal, in a “sensitive” manner, with people that we saw as different from ourselves. In doing so we have not solved the issues of racism, but merely masked them. Did we actually think that we had put to bed racism and the ugly and embarrassing history of this country by refusing to admit racism exists? In an effort to brush racial tensions under the rug, we have also promoted the idea that we are all the same rather than celebrating our diversity. It is time to bring people together to embrace our differences and truly begin to close the racial divide…to  help my family picnic go a little bit smoother!!! ” I hope that with this new comedy/lecture “The Ultimate Diversity Guide for the New America” can help continue this unity.”

MAIJA DI GIORGIO is recognized as one of the industry’s top “A-List” female stand up comediennes. Her one woman show Rats! was met with rave reviews from various New York periodicals . Ms. DiGiorgio has not only performed around the country and on TV, but she has also been the hostess for the NAACP Anti-Bullying Events in Los Angeles and proudly presented her work at the MIXED ROOTS Festival for Diversity. Also an independent voter, she has  fairly and impressively hosted the Los Angeles Rally to Restore Sanity. She received raves from NY Times and Variety Magazine as a film director and has been a regular at every comedy venue in NYC. MS. DI GIORGIO HAS HAD FILMS FEATURED AT TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL, HBO’s ASPEN COMEDY FESTIVAL, CINEQUEST, DENVER STARS, EDINBURGH FILM FESTIVAL, LONDON COMEDY FESTIVAL, BOSTON FILM FESTIVAL, LOS VEGAS INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL AND MORE.

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