Women of America Dehoochified


In a time where Nikki Minaj and Snooki reign, the feminist revolution wanes as Gloria Steinem weeps.  Somewhere along the road to women’s equality, being sexually promiscuous has been misconstrued as a sign of empowerment. In an ever changing state of self discovery, many women are challenged by their conflicting desires to be respected and accepted. It is crucial that college women be given positive reinforcement to help them realize their own innate power and how relinquishing that power can hinder them from getting what they truly want. When women understand that the power lies in their hands, they will understand how to create their destiny.

Maija (Ma-ya) DiGiorgio and Heather McConnell present a comical women’s discussion about the Post-Feminist Hoochification of America: a hilarious history of the evolution of women, our dealings with the other gender, and the current de-evolution of women. This is an open forum for how to de-hoochify ourselves and regain control in dating, business, and our everyday dealings with “them”.

Maija, performing as Famika,  hoochie extraordinaire, who has been through the dehoochification process, and Heather as her therapist, cover the impracticalities of the dream of finding the perfect love, obtaining our career goals, and loving men more than we love ourselves. Famika’s hilarious stories and views on life and love combined with the practical knowledge and hard facts of the therapist, the lecture becomes an all around entertainment and learning experience.

This is an interactive comedy show where women are free to be open and honest as Famika and her therapist speak to them about how to get along with the other sex, unity within our own sex and taking responsibility of our sexual freedom. When the floor opens for discussion, it is time for everyone to help each other clean up our personal messes. Women will get to sharpen the skills they need to play the game without getting played by the player and may begin to understand how to denounce the games altogether by becoming true and nurturing to themselves.

Featuring an informative yet funny multimedia presentation: women’s place in history, business, interpersonal relationships, bad fashion trends, and more.

Q&A’s that have turned our show into an hour and a half of open discussions and support. When the floor opens for discussion, it is time for everyone to help each other clean up our messes. It is a time to realize how our bad relationship choices can derail our life choices and instead choose to rebuild our dignity and confidence and get back on track.

The hoochie epidemic has taken control of this country. Are we really sexually free or are we diminishing ourselves? The timeless battle for equality and respect has somehow been turned upside down and we have been brought back to square one. As girls go wild, Gloria Steinem, along with our mothers, cringe. But one great pajama party can restore balance to being empowered and strong, yet feminine, women.

MAIJA Di GIORGIO (FAMIKA) is recognized as one of the industry’s top “A-List” stand up comedians.  Ms. DiGiorgio has not only performed around the country & on TV (HBO, BET, Sex & The City, etc.) but she has also been the hostess for NAACP’s STOP BULLYING in L.A. High Schools and proudly presented her work at the MIXED ROOTS Festival for Diversity.  She has portrayed FAMIKA as a host on NYC’s #1 radio station HOT 97’s Morning Show and in the upcoming feature “Famika vs. The Tea Party”. Also she has  fairly and impressively hosted the Los Angeles Rally to Restore Sanity. She received raves from the NY Times and Variety Mag. as a film director.  Ms. DiGiorgio has had films featured at Tribeca Film Festival, HBO’s Aspen Festival, Cinequest, Edinburgh Festival, London Festival, Boston Film Festival, Las Vegas Film Festival and MORE.

HEATHER McCONNELL is a writer for and star of The Tea Totin’ Mornin’ Show, Foxxxy News, and others, along with Executive producing, directing, and set designing several other shows for ROKU.  Heather got her professional start on stage with Debbie Reynolds in Las Vegas. She continued to work on various productions in New York City, which lead her to choreograph Maija’s one woman show Rats! and then move on to co-produce The Hollywood Outlaw Movie. Heather also continues to pursue her love of music by writing songs for indie films and working on her first album.

 For Booking, Contact: production@hollywoodoutlaws.com