SportsLayers3-Smaller_Blue Drop 100Americans are obsessed with sports. It’s the heart of our nation from football to basketball to baseball and more, and we the fans make it the billion-dollar industry that it is. So, why don’t we have a voice? We’re the ones who feel the pain every time a bad trade is made, or a ball is fumbled, and we feel the exuberance for every touchdown scored and championship won. Year after year we stay loyal to our teams even when the team has never even won a championship.

Some of us endure embittered relationships, and at the end of each season, in hopeless defeat, we vow never again to watch our team and then burn our jerseys. It feels good for a while, of course. Inevitably, though, there are days where that damn play runs in your head like a bad dream, but you shut it out. Then the next preseason again catches your eye, and, like an old lover, taunts and teases you, and your flames are lit once again- only to have your heart broken for one more season. But maybe one day, after 70 years, the curse is lifted and your team reaches a championship. Until that day, however, where is the sympathy for all the bad calls and trades and disappoints of the season? When do you get a chance to lift up your voice to say “NO MAS!” – To cry out “WHY?” This is your chance to be heard. Forget the commentators in the studio and the pretty anchors on the sidelines. What do they know about your pain? We want to hear what you have to say.  This is for you, the fans, and no one else.
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