• Famika vs. The Tea Party Trailer



    Washed up fly girl, Famika, is kidnapped by Arizona militia in a case of mistaken identity. She manages to escape and is rescued by her best friend, Shaqwanda, Sister Souljah turned ACLU attorney. They quickly run into trouble and end up escaping onto a caravan of Tea Partiers who are zig zagging their way across the country en route to stop a gay wedding, attack Green Peacers, and take down a gaggle of alpaca for being [quote style="boxed" float="right"]“Can one washed up Fly Girl stop the Tea Party to save Obama?”[/quote] terrorist camels. When the women stumble on a tea party plot to oust Obama, Famika, who has become the Tea Party's prize "minority" singer, must choose between her long sought after fame, and taking a stand for what's right to save the President. Famika vs. the Tea Party brings to light the absurd reality of our political climate.