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Got Debates?

Did the public pay attention to the presidential debates? Maija decides to ask the folks in New York City if they are paying attention t the debates.

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Socialism and Oprah

Has Oprah gone too far? What makes this fancy pants think that we should all get along? She is a socialist at heart and the world needs to know and be warned. This is from the official Tea Party Morning Show broadcasting live from their trailer home. These Palin Patriots are aimin’ to re-reform America […]

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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell…Again

With war looming overhead, the ladies give their opinion again about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. They are still upset about gays in the military. They do not understand Obama, the socialist, and his choice to repeal the law. Pink does not belong on the battlefield. They have it on good authority that Jesus agrees. This […]

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“I Am Mexican-American”

Betty and Tammy’s neighbor defends his Mexican-American heritage and his citizenship. These Tea Party representatives have a bone to pick with anyone who claims to be an American citizen but fails to look like one, even if he was born in Ohio, attended medical school, and saves lives, American ones, every day. This is the […]

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Where Is Herman Cain?

Sherman Cain, brother of Herman Cain, advertises his newest business in this funny commercial parody. Hire an Uncle Tom for […]

Tea Party’s Immigration Reform- “Back to Mexico”

The Tea Party has a new take on immigration reform. Betty is running for office and it is her goal […]

“Barack Obama Is A Rock Star” by Maija

Comedienne Maija DiGiorgio on the racial divide in America and the divide between America and the rest of the world. […]


Welcome my fellow patriots to Dear Tammy. This ain’t like your mamma’s Dear Abby. I’m gonna give you the real thing. […]

Tea Party & Immigration Laws – “You Can Be My Gardner”

Betty and Tammy test out the new immigration laws. This is the official Tea Party Morning Show broadcasting live from […]

Tea Party Fails US Citizen Test

US History? Can the Tea Party ladies answer a single question about their country’s history? A hilarious Tea Party Comedy. […]


Obamacare, not for Betty's mamma.

Obamacare, not for Betty’s mamma. This is from the official Tea Party Morning Show broadcasting live from their trailer home. […]