“Barack Obama Is A Rock Star” by Maija

C omedienne Maija DiGiorgio on the racial divide in America and the divide between America and the rest of the world. And why President Obama is a rock star. Even Romney’s kids were excited to meet him.

Maija Di Giorgio is one of the industries most versatile and high voltage female comedians around. Both nationally and internationally, Maija has commanded the stage at A-List Comedy Clubs in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Canada, Scotland the UK and Japan.   Both in the US and abroad, Maija has shared the stage with the modern comedy greats, Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Jim Norton, Dane Cook, Louis CK and Wanda Sykes among afew.  Because of her ability to hold her own with the best, it was no surprise that Maija got standing ovations on HBO’sDef Comedy Jam and Showtime’s At the Apollo.  She was then invited to perform at The Beacon Theater with Def Jam’s best. In addition to her numerous comedy club appearances, Maija has hosted live comedy events such as the LA division of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity Event. Maija’s career has not stopped there, she also has numerous TV credits to her name such as Fox’s Mouth Off (as a writer andco-host) NBC Friday Night and Sex in the City.

Her radio career started at the top as the morning co-hostand writer on New York City’s #1 station, .  Maija then started her own radio network, Hollywood Outlaw which was a spin off of her acclaimed film, Bitter Jesters.  Maija wrote, directed and starred in this comedy juggernaut of uproarious unpredictability.  With cameos from the world’s best and most respected comics in the industry; George Carlin, Whoopi Goldberg and Paul Mooney, Maija was also the last person to hold an interview with legend, Richard Pryor.  The film received ravereviews from Variety and The New York Times in addition to sold out screenings at Tribeca Film Festival, Cinequest, and The London Comedy Festival.

Majia Di Giorgio is definitely a tour de force in the world of comedy.  Catch her while you can.

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