Where Is Herman Cain?

S herman Cain, brother of Herman Cain, advertises his newest business in this funny commercial parody. Hire an Uncle Tom for your next white washed event!

toms-poster smallRent an Uncle Tom for your political campaign. Herman Cain available.

Tired of not having enough black people at your event? Is it just too darn white because you don’t know any black folks? Or maybe the ones you know just won’t show up to your special parties. We know you’re not racist. There just aren’t many black folks around those parts. Surely, if there were, you would have invited them all, and of course they would have shown.  We  know you  fried up some extra chicken, brought your watermelons, and hid your sheets  just in case they showed up. But they didn’t, and instead,  you are stuck with a bunch of cranky white folks and a lot of  fried chicken. Let us help you. We have on staff the best Uncle Tom’s your granddaddy could ever ask for. They won’t speak unless spoken to and they might teach you a negro spiritual or two, so you look sympathetic to the  plight of the black man.  Rent an Uncle Tom today! Proud Tea Party Sponsor.
Cast: Willis Turner Created by Maija Di Giorgio
Directed by Maija DiGiorgio & Heather McConnell.
Executive Produced by Maija DiGiorgio and Heather McConnell

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