Socialism and Oprah

H as Oprah gone too far? What makes this fancy pants think that we should all get along? She is a socialist at heart and the world needs to know and be warned.

This is from the official Tea Party Morning Show broadcasting live from their trailer home. These Palin Patriots are aimin’ to re-reform America with witty banter, selective morality, and fancy footwork as they square dance with political stars. Don’t forget their home-made recipes and taxidermy. Each episode is an eye-opener for all of the left wing socialists who need some guidance and a little sunshine in their life with their special musical duo “The Tea Tone Trio”.

In this excerpt from Episode 1 of the Tea Totin’ Mornin’ Show, the Tea Totin’ ladies launch an attack on America’s most beloved socialist, Oprah. In an in depth news brief, we discover that socialism is evil and Oprah has gone too far. Betty and Tammy have no desire to be social with everyone and they will not be forced into sosholism. And this is just one of their enlightened news topics. These two ladies will scare you to death but have you laughing all the way to the grave.

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