Heather McConnell is co-founder of Hollywood Outlaws. An accomplished dancer, choreographer, actress, and singer, Heather’s roots are with Broadway veteran and master choreographer and teacher, Henry Le Tang.  She got her start on stage in Las Vegas with entertainment legend Debbie Reynolds, performing as Anne Miller and other notable Hollywood legends. After a successful run in her first show, Heather moved to New York City. Focusing on her tap dancing and choreography, she found her place in the independent world of New York City theatre and the tap dance community. After working on several successful independent productions, it was through her mentor, Henry Le Tang, that she met Maija and choreographed Maija’s one woman show Rats!. 


After Rats!, Heather worked on the award winning indie film, Bitter Jester, where she gained invaluable knowledge on the business and craft of filmmaking. She continued to pursue a career in production by co-producing the film Hollywood Outlaw. This led to the formation of Hollywood Outlaws where Heather has since been focusing her efforts. First, was the launching of Hollywood Outlaw Radio, the internet comedy radio station, where Heather co-hosted the Not So Morning, Morning Show. Next, came the Hollywood Outlaw Comedy Network, where Heather was executive producer and production designer for several of the network’s shows while co-writing, designing, and starring in the Tea Totin’ Mornin’ Show. Along with the Comedy Network, Heather is focused on the development of News Seriously, writing, designing, acting, and producing for it, and also Fan Therapy as executive producer and host.

Heather’s latest film project, Famika vs. the Tea Party is currently in production. She is producing, co-starring, co-writing, and designing for the project.

A poet and songwriter, Heather is also preparing to record her first album, combining her vocal skills, writing, and tap dancing, due out in the spring of 2014.