This late night talk show, hosted by FAMIKA (a Nikki Minaj/Wendy Williams type fly gir)l, is the biggest train wreck late night has seen since Carson Daly. You don’t wanna miss it. No, really. You don’t.
In Famika’s words, she is a “dancer/rapper/singer/actress and over-all FLYGIRL. I been mad talented my whole life and didn’t need no acting school or singing school. I feel like it’s my dooty to share my flyness with the world and I did, on the stage then on the Hot97 radio with that creepy-ass Ed Lover. The critics kept raving ‘Famika is so fly, she needs her own show’,”, so she made the move to TV. She is currently bringing her infectious persona to The Famika Show, where she will candidly interview all of her childhood crushes. So here she is in all her fly glory!
Executive Produced by Maija DiGiorgio, Heather McConnell. Production by Matthew Copeland. LISTEN HERE